Just a bit about me. :)

Hello! 🙂

The most recent (presentable lol) picture of me (on the right) with my lovely friends, Laurel and Brad who are expecting their beautiful baby girl at the end of this month! 🙂

I find it a bit ironic, that I’m saying “hello” and I literally have no idea if anyone is going to read this, but hello none the less. Lol My name’s Reynna and I’m 20 years old, turning 21 this year on the 15th December. Yay! I live in California with my parents who, after being separated since I was 16, got back together earlier in the year. I have an older sister who is 28 that I love to death (don’t know where I’d be without her) and a 31 year old half-brother on my dad’s side who lives back in New Jersey where I was born; unfortunately we haven’t spent much time together since I was 3 years old but we speak regularly. I just started my first real semester at community college a month ago and I couldn’t be more excited to finally be in school! The past two years have been a roller coaster and school just never really fit into the equation, apart from a single class I took last year. I’m currently undecided about what my major will be so right now I’m just taking 12 units of transferable classes with a possibility of majoring in English (Creative Writing) or Psychology (Drug counseling) in mind.

I’m a very chilled out kind of person, but I can get really goofy at times especially with my friends. I love my friends to bits and I wouldn’t be where I am now without them and some of the friends in particular whom I’m sure you’ll end up reading about in the future are Dalton, Heather, and Sebastian. ❤ I also spend a lot of time reading, writing, drinking coffee, and watching a lot of Netflix (once in a blue moon, you'll find an incredible movie among the sea of crap that is on there lol) and A LOT of YouTube. I watch a lot of British YouTubers (Zoella, Alfie Deyes, etc.) and British television and films as I've been obsessed with British people and British culture since I was about 8 so if it seems like at times, I pick up some vocabulary that sounds a bit like I'm trying to sound British, I promise it's only because it's such a habit at this point. I'd like to make a huge shout out to Zoe Sugg (who I've mentioned in the past two posts) because she's pretty much the only reason I finally started a blog on here and in all honesty, a lot of my post ideas are probably going to come from her blog. I'm already aware of this, so please don't feel the need to tell me "Your blog is too much like Zoella's!" Lol Thank you kindly! 🙂

Judge me if you’d like for this next bit, but a huge part of who I am, which I’m sure will come out eventually so best to get it out of the way now, is that I am a recovering addict. As I said above, the past two years have been a roller coaster and that is because I’ve struggled with my addiction for those two years. About four months ago, I finally told my parents (which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done) that I needed help and then I got into treatment. I was part of an outpatient program (a program where I did not stay over night at all) for two months and finally graduated my program about two months ago. I struggled a bit with relapses from the time I got into treatment, only staying clean for no more than a week, but I have now been clean for 23 days as of today which is the longest time of being clean that I’ve had in about a year. If anyone reading this (if there is anyone reading this) has a problem with addiction or knows someone who does, please get help or even contact me if you’d like and we can talk because this isn’t something someone should go at alone. 

I look forward to writing on here more and getting to express myself freely and hopefully I’ll get to know some new people from here perhaps. Goodnight world and I’ll see you tomorrow! 🙂


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