Dog Pound

Hello, hello! 🙂 So I said in my previous post that I’d do a review of “Dog Pound”. This won’t really be a review, now that I think about it, but more of just what I thought cause I loved it that much. Haha So the other night, Dalton was spending the night as he does and I had found a movie on Netflix called “Dog Pound” a few days before and started watching it with him. I didn’t really expect anything of it, good or bad, the poster just intrigued me. The very first scene is um…interesting, but the character, Butch’s introduction is amazing! Just from his facial expressions he says so much! And to be honest, that’s how the whole film went for me. All the actors were absolutely brilliant, but Adam Butcher who plays Butch steals the spotlight for me (and Dalton as well! :)). He had the least lines in the entire film, but he had the most character out of anyone! He just has this intense look on his face and just everything about him is just so…intense! That’s the best word to describe it! Dalton and I loved him the whole time and I was just waiting for him to be in a scene every time he wasn’t. Lol Such a great film! I’m clearly not a movie reviewer, but the gist of this is “Dog Pound” is an awesome movie and Adam Butcher is a very talented actor! It’s probably not everyone’s cup o’ tea (especially because of the violence and some really heart-wrenching and disgusting scenes) but I really do advise anyone to check it out. 🙂


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