It’s like I’m sleepwalking.

So today just feels very odd. I woke up later than I hoped I would so I ended up rushing to my first class of the day and in that class, which I usually really enjoy, I paid little to no attention. My next class isn’t until 7 tonight, so after I ate some lunch, I’ve been trying to find a good spot to do some studying. I’ve bounced around to two or three different spots so far and I think I’ve finally settled on a spot on one of the lawn chairs the school has placed on the grass. It’s a nice little peaceful spot and I usually love it, but I still can’t really seem to focus on my studies which is why I’m writing this. I’ve just got this strange feeling…I assumed at first that I’m just tired, but it feels different than that.

I’ve been feeling a touch lonely the past two days and I think what I’m feeling now is a carry-over of that. Even the night Dalton slept over, I felt quite lonely…now that I think about it, that was actually the first night I started feeling like this.  Ugh, it’s just such an odd feeling. Honestly, I wasn’t able to place what it was until I started playing Bring Me The Horizon’s record, Sempiternal (which is an incredible album that I’ve been obsessed with for the past few months :)), and “Sleepwalking” started playing. I was attempting to read my Art Theory book, but the the lyrics struck me; “My secrets are burning a whole through my heart and my bones catch a fever. When it cuts you up this deep, it’s hard to find a way to breathe….Time stood still the way it did before. It’s like I’m sleepwalking….I’m at the edge of the world. Where do I go from here? Do I disappear?” That’s when I was able to peg the feeling…so weird.

Super random post, but I just needed to get my thoughts out of my head.

PS – Check out Sempiternal by Bring Me The Horizon if you haven’t already and they happen to be your cuppa. 🙂


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