My Most Worn Tag by Zoella :)

I thought this was a cool idea when I saw Zoe’s post from ages ago the other day and since she said anyone that would like to take part could, I thought I’d go for it. 🙂

Nail Polish

I was given this Milani Nail Lacquer in Garnet Gems by my sister a while ago and it’s been my favorite thing to have on my nails, no matter what season it is. 🙂 I obviously have plenty of other nail polishes that I love, but this is definitely my go to. And the green bottle on the right is Sally Hansen Triple Strong Advanced Gel Nail Fortifier and it is literally the best base and top coat! As a base, it helps any polish last longer and as a top, it makes my nails so shiny with nail polish or not! 


 My Estee Lauder in Barely Nude cream lipstick is perfect for me. 🙂 It has a very cream consistency and isn’t overly glossy. The best part of this lipstick is that because I have fairly dark skin, regular nudes are too light for me, but this nude matches my skin tone perfectly.


 I’m very, very picky about perfumes so when I found the Michael Kors “Very Hollywood” a few years ago, I was so excited! Unfortunately, by the time I had gotten around to purchasing a new bottle, I couldn’t find it anywhere! This bottle, however, is a similar scent and it is Michael Kors “Eau de Parfum Spray” and it does the job I think. It’s a very fresh, floral scent, but is by no means overpowering (unless you spray on the entire bottle lol). As much as I love this, I would quite like to find “Very Hollywood” again now that I think about it.

Make Up

Again, I was given this Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfecter by my sister and I’m obsessed! It’s my perfect color and it’s just enough coverage, as I don’t like to wear foundation very much. What I really love is that it doesn’t dry out my dry spots, in fact it keeps them moisturized, and it does’t make my oily spots worse. 

I know, this is a super cheep-y product, but hey, isn’t that kind of a plus? 🙂 My Elf Translucent Matifying Powder is a godsend, not even joking. In combination with my BB cream, it makes me perfectly matte, but still healthy looking. I know some people might prefer a dewier finish, but besides my few dry spots, I’m already oily so matte products are preferred for me. 


So I just bought this ring with Dalton (who helped me pay for it, thanks Dalt :)) about two weeks ago, but it’s already a part of me. Lol It has barely left my hand! We were at a place called The Lab just shopping around for a dress for me and there was an adorable little cart/boutique thing that had so many amazing hand-made pieces that I had to come away with something! I absolutely love this ring because it’s different than most rings I’ve seen in say H&M or Forever 21 and the artist who made it takes old, vintage broaches and turns them into rings! Love it! And it looks amazing when sunlight hits it. 🙂

This ring is from Forever 21 and originally it had white roses on it. I actually had two more (which both had the roses broken off as well), but one of them was lost a long time ago and the other I left with a very dear friend of mine. I’ve pretty much always worn it everyday (oddly, more so after the roses broke off), but ever since I left the other with my friend, I just can’t seem to leave the house without mine. I suppose it just makes me feel a bit closer to him, wherever he is. I miss you loads Casey. ❤


Once again, I bought this with Dalton about two weeks ago and I’m obsessed! I wear it literally whenever I can. Lol I’ve been wanting a camo jacket ever since last summer and just haven’t been able to afford one or find one that fits properly and in Crossroads, I found this jacket in the men’s section! I promise, on me it doesn’t look like a men’s jacket (I got Dalton’s seal of approval! Lol)! It’s by a company called The Berrics and I’ve never heard of them before, but I’m so glad I have now. 🙂


And last, but not least, the dress from Urban Outfitters that Dalton bought me at the Lab. 🙂 I actually have a picture up of me wearing it in my OOTD that I posted a few days ago. Just like the two other items from The Lab, I’ve only had this for two weeks, but I absolutely love it! I’ve wanted a maxi dress for ages and this one is such good quality! So soft and so light-weight and flowy! And the best part, it was on sale for $30! Quite the bargain! I’m sure Dalton’s wallet was happy that he didn’t have to splash out too, too much. Lol

So there are my most worn items or things that are pretty much just now a staple of who I am. 🙂


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