Make up from mummy :)

Yay for terrible webcam quality! Lol

Eye Shadow: Bottom two shades in the Chanel Les 4 Ombres 39 Raffinement Pallette (can’t seem to find any individual names for the shades which I’m finding a bit annoying :()
Lipstick: L’Oreal Infallible 741 Bold Bordeaux

(Sorry about the slight cleavage shot :P)

Please do excuse the lighting making me look very washed out and plus the fact that I have absolutely no other make up on besides the eye shadows and lipstick. Lol I’m loving both products so I will most likely be doing a “review” of them within the next few days after I wear them a bit more.

Based on the time of the past two posts, I’m clearly quite the night owl unfortunately, an issue I’ve had for years. A bit random of me to post this now, but being the night owl that I am, I felt like experimenting a bit at 3am with the new make up from my mom that she didn’t want. Haha Now to wash my face and off to bed (hopefully). Sweet dreams world. 🙂


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