Sunday Dinner with Dalton and the Fam Bam

Sorry for the terrible quality!

So I haven’t had the desire to do anything besides lay in bed since Monday because Dalton got sick last Thursday and I unfortunately caught his cold over the weekend while he was here. It also happens to be exam week. Yay! I will say that I feel a bit better today than I have been though. Anyway with that little bit of info out of the way, here are some photos of Dalton and I from Sunday when we went to dinner with my family for my dad’s birthday. 🙂 PS – excuse Dalton and I, we went a bit camera happy. Lol

Yay for super posed pictures with your best friend! 😛

Messing around in the car 🙂

Dalton looking spiffy. 😉



Lol 🙂

Mommy, Daddy, and my sister, Chrissi 🙂
I love my family. ❤

It was such a good day with my family and my best friend! 🙂 Lots of laughs and messing about and my dad loved his presents too which I’m happy about! Hope all is well! I’m hoping to get back on this blogging thing soon. 


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