We Love You Cory

Courtesy of weheartit.com

Dalton and I just finished watching the tribute episode of Glee and he and I definitely had to take advantage of the tissue box. It was was done wonderfully and I think we got to mourn and celebrate him at the same time. A huge part of why Dalton and I were crying so much is because we both kept thinking of our friend, Casey, who passed back in February the same way as Corey…we all miss you both, you wonderful boys. ❤

Cory, I was gonna write you a letter, thanking you for being such a huge inspiration to me and now I’m sad I won’t get to, but here’s some of it. Every time, I felt alone or needed someone or was just sad in general, I would watch you and the cast on Glee and always feel better. I would watch Glee and I’d also watch all the behind the scenes stuff and interviews of you and you always made me smile. When I first was getting into treatment and was going through withdrawal and everything, I watched you and Glee and sang the songs and I’d laugh and just always feel better. You did so much for my life and you don’t even know it. When I first found out you were an addict, but had gotten clean, you should me that I could find happiness without drugs and I could turn my life around and make it anything I want. Thank you for everything, Cory, you’re loved and missed.

Casey, I still can’t believe you’re gone. Some days I’ll wake up and forget and I’ll think I can still call you or expect to see some philosophical post of yours on Facebook. You were such an amazing light in this world and I feel so privileged to have been friends with you. We always used to say we’d get clean and leave all of that bullshit behind…I wish I had helped you more so that we could have gotten out together. Now, all I can do is live my life the way that we always said we would and be clean and really enjoy life. You’ve taught me so much about life and what it means to be a decent human being. You’d always sing song lyrics and tell me how much you cared and loved me and you had one of the most biggest smiles I’ve ever gotten to see. You were one of the most beautiful, kind, genuine people I’ve ever met and I wish I had spent more time with you towards the end. Some days I’ll find that it’s harder to remember your voice than others, but you always come back to me. I love you Casey, I’ll never forget you.

If anyone reading this is struggling with addiction or knows someone that is, please comment below and I’ll let you know how to contact me and I’ll try to help any way that I can. You’re not alone. ❤


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