A Special Twitter Moment From Wyatt Starkman

Dance has been a passion of mine for years and years, but for over five years, I haven’t set foot in a studio and I just barely dance anymore because I just don’t seem to have the confidence. However, I’ve continued to love and appreciate people that do dance. There’s a young dancer from LA, named Wyatt Starkman, who I’ve been obsessed with the past several months. He’s incredibly talented and he really inspires me to not only get back into a dance studio again, but to really enjoy life and be passionate about it! I tweeted him earlier today and I was pleasantly surprised to see that he retweeted me! I’m going to be honest here, this is a complete fangirl moment, but I don’t even care. I was excited and had to share it. 😉

So there it is, my Wyatt Starkman fangirl moment. Lol

Here’s a video of Wyatt and some of his friends and I definitely suggest you give it a watch! If you like it, click the video to go to his Youtube page! 🙂


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