Fast Company

This past Tuesday, I had the opportunity to see a play for free at a local theater with my Contemporary Lit professor and some other kids from class. I enjoyed it a lot! The theater was beautiful inside and out and it was nice to have an opportunity to get a little more done up for a night. 🙂 I felt quite fancy walking around the outside of the theater in my little black dress and pearls, if I’m honest. Lol The premise of the play, Fast Company by Carla Ching, is just about a family of cons and the up and downs they all experience as they steal from others, each other, and learn what family truly is. It was pretty good and one of the actors reminded me so much of an Asian Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the language used in the play was so much like Rian Johnson (my favorite writer and director; Looper, Brick) that I had to love it. 🙂 After the play was finished, there was a quick Q & A with the cast and the literary director of South Coast Repertory. It was interesting to hear some of the details of what it’s like being in a play and it sort of re-kindled my love for the theater! Lovely little experience, that was. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take photos during the show, but here are some snaps from the night.

Not wearing my pearls yet, but here’s what I wore. 🙂

This definitely does not do the beauty of the theater justice, but it’ll have to do.


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