Health and Wellness?

I struggle with anxiety and depression and I have since I was about 14. When I turned 18, I started dabbling with drugs and before I knew it, two years of my life had passed where I was numbed out to any real emotions so getting clean felt like getting hit by a train of emotions, good and bad. The past month or so I’ve been having quite a hard time with my depression due to certain circumstances and I’ve been leaning on my mom and my sister a lot more the past week. Up until a week ago, I had just been bottling things and let me tell you, that is definitely not a good way of handling things. Someone very close to my heart recently started experiencing anxiety and depression which, for her, is completely new territory because she’s always been the strongest and the rock of her family. One night, she asked me what I do to deal with it and I honestly didn’t know what to say. I realized that I had been just pushing everything aside and ignoring them and realized I need to start facing life head on again. I’ve been talking to my family a lot more and I’m trying to hang out with more of my friends again. I obviously see Dalton which is great and all, but I think I need to start seeing my other friends as well as much as possible, especially because Dalt hasn’t been here nearly as much. I enjoy the alone time, but I’m pretty sure I need to start getting out into the world again.

Next on my agenda, is nutrition. My lifestyle is very, very unhealthy. I eat crap food (and a lot of it) and I pretty much never do any form of activity besides walking home from school. I’ve struggled with my weight for years and years and years and tried to lose weight in many different ways, but this time around, I’m just going to try and lose weight not to be skinny, but just to be healthier. I found a dance studio by my house that I’m going to look into and as soon as the community gym is done being renovated, I’ll be going there a lot more. Joey Graceffa is pretty much the one who inspired me to start eating healthier, what with his green smoothies and chicken and brown rice. Lol I’ll be eating pretty much exactly like Joey from now on just because I think that’ll be a great way to start feeling better, mentally and physically.

This post is a bit random, but I did say that I’d do a slightly more detailed post about my newest nutrition regime and also thought I’d throw in a little personal touch about my life. 🙂 Also, if anyone out there is struggling with depression or anxiety or anything, feel free to comment on this post and we’ll talk because people should always have someone to talk to. ❤


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