Hello, Hello!

It seems I haven’t written a blog post in a long time, even my last post about Halloween was super short so I thought I’d just write up a quick little update. 🙂 I’ve basically just been super busy with school, what with mid-terms, papers, final projects, ugh so many scholarly things! Lol Not necessarily fun as you can imagine and I just haven’t had the blogging bug. I am excited to announce, however, that I have some really fun stuff coming up within the next two months! I’ve got some trips to LA coming up, shows, my 21st birthday, my sister’s birthday, and of course the holidays! I have quite a love-hate relationship with this season; I love the holiday months, but this time of year tends to bring back some semi-sweet memories. But regardless, I’m so excited for the next few months and I’m eager to share my experiences on here. 🙂

Regarding blog-y, beauty type things, I’ve been loving several products this past month, but I’m hesitant to write reviews and such because since I don’t have a proper camera till my birthday, the crappy iPhone quality of my photos really irks me. Lol I’m really, really looking forward to getting my camera not only so I can take better quality photos of products and things, but I’m really excited to get back into a photography in general (a hobby I haven’t taken part in since I was about 12)! I’ve already talked to Dalton about doing a photo shoot with him and I’ll be honest, I think he’s a perfect candidate for my first “model”. 🙂 Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for now just to update a bit on what’s been going on with me and keep an eye out for the upcoming posts! ❤

PS – Sawyer Hartman, a YouTuber that makes amazing videos (check out his short films and “Thru My Eyes” videos!), is taking part in a contest and I’ll be supporting him and voting and I’m hoping you will too. I could tell you all the details, but I think I’ll just let Sawyer tell you. 🙂

Please check him out and be sure to watch the video on Tuesday and vote! Hope all is well! ❤


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