I’m British!

No, I’m not, as you know. ;P However, I posted a vlog today of me running around talking in a British accent all day yesterday in preparation for a video that I will be uploading tomorrow. Let me know what you think of the accent, even if you think it’s absolutely terrible! Lol There’s also a little bit in the video of me putting our Christmas Tree together set to the sound of Darren Criss and Chris Colfer singing the classic “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”! So please do give it a watch! 

PS – I know I haven’t blogged much apart from posting about my YouTube channel, but I’ve been so busy with school and friends that I’ve only had time for either YouTube or my blog and unfortunately, my blog hasn’t gotten much love. 😦 I promise I’ll be back on here soon! Xx

EDIT: Well, actually it seems YouTube has taken out the song that I used unfortunately so it’s simply just silence. 😦


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