I Present To You…My Best Friend!

Dalton and I have been planning a photo sesh (my idea, he’s not that vain ;P) since before I got my camera and last weekend we finally got around to it! There were many, many shots to sort through, but here are some of the best bits, I think. Let me know what you think in the comments! πŸ™‚

I thought I’d throw in this candid shot of us walkin’ back down the trail. πŸ™‚

I hope you all liked the photos and a massive thank you to Dalton for being a good sport! ❀ This was my first go at photographing anyone in a "photo shoot" type manner so please do let me know what you think and if you like these kinds of posts! Xx

2 thoughts on “I Present To You…My Best Friend!

  1. I love them all, especially the one where Dalton is against the white wall! If you're getting into photography, I suggest looking into a little bit of post-processing. Dalton is a gorgeous person and with a little post processing to boost his blue eye colours, I think it'd do wonders! Just a thought tho, something you may want to look into if you want πŸ™‚


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