2 Weeks in Photos | 2014 Blogger Challenge

For Topic 7 I decided to take pictures everything other day for two weeks of whatever I was doing. I was on Spring break one of the weeks and that just consisted of me staying home and watching Criminal Minds and reading, but there’s pictures of that too. Lol

This was my first day of photos and what better way to start off my morning than having an awesome conversation with my best friend.
One of my many Criminal Minds sessions with my mom. πŸ™‚
My usual study spot at school.

Everyday there’s a giant chess game set up on the grass. The baby was a new addition. πŸ™‚
Going to school, I felt like Taissa Farmiga from American Horror Story that day. Lol
The Fault in Our Stars

Heading to LA to see some family.
On the road for home from LA.
My bedside table 24/7.
Before I filmed my most recent YouTube video.
Heather came to join my family and I for dinner for my mom’s birthday and to spend the night! πŸ™‚
A poorly shot photo of the ocean right outside the restaurant.
The best lobster mac n’ cheese ever!
Filet mignon πŸ™‚

Happy birthday mommy!

Finally watched Frozen! Believe the hype πŸ™‚

Friend talks over coffee and cigarettes.
Mine and Dalton’s typical night.

My outfit for the Bring Me the Horizon concert πŸ™‚

iPhone selfie before the show this past Sunday night. ❀
Of Mice & Men
My loves.
“Confetti! It’s a parade!”
The amazingly talented Bring Me The Horizon! <33
So there you have it! Hope all is well everyone!

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