Makeover Essential Cosmetics – Review and Swatches

Hello lovelies! So this is the first time I’ve ever really reviewed anything and that is because this is a company that I’ve never heard of before and thought I would give you my thoughts on them! A few weeks ago, my mom was in the car waiting for me and apparently this man who works for the company was going around selling these kits to advertise the company and it was 2 for $20 so 2 individual bags were $10 each which is pretty good considering the product is actually quite good! I’ve tested out the products that came in the bag for the past few weeks so I can now give a proper review of them, so I hope you enjoy!

This little black box and brush with product built into to already came in this adorable pink bag.
When you completely open the box, you see that it comes with a mascara, an eyeliner/lipliner duo, 5 lip sticks, 5 eyeshadows, 3 face powders, and 3 blushes.
The box also comes with built in mirrors on each panel, so when you first open it, you’ll see the mirrors, and open it further to get to the products.
The face powders, two of which are supposed to be bronzers, and the blushes are my absolute favorite parts of this kit! I’ve been using them basically everyday the past few weeks!
Please excuse the fingerprints, I didn’t initially know I was going to review these so I got overly excited and swatched them on my hand straight away. 😛

The blushes come in three very summer appropriate shades. The left shade is a slightly berry pink, but the berry is very understated so it’s still great for summer. I thought it would be difficult to wear on my skin tone, but I actually really love this on my cheeks. It gives a beautiful flush. The middle shade is a burnt orange-y red with a bit of shimmer in. I’ll admit, I have yet to wear this out, but I do think it’s a beautiful color. The last shade on the right is a pale baby pink, which again, I thought wouldn’t work on my skin tone, but on the cheeks it gives this gorgeous natural flush that really livens up my complexion! All three blushes are quite buttery (a word I found best describes it that I initially heard in this context from the beautiful Jaclyn Hill) and not chalky at all. Love these blushes!

These face powders look shimmery when swatched, but when blended out onto the skin, the shimmer is not noticeable AT ALL. I’ve been using the darkest, middle shade as an all over bronzer and it just adds a healthy glow to my skin without making me look like a disco ball. The outer two shades are quite light for me; the left shade is described on the box as being a setting powder, but I personally don’t think it would make a very good setting powder because it comes out looking a bit ashy. If anything I could see it being used as a contour for someone with very pale skin. The last shade on the right is the second bronzer and is just as beautiful as the middle bronzer I use, but just a little too light for me. Again, the powder are just as smooth and buttery as the blushes!


Honestly, the lip products left much to be desired. They apply quite sheer on the lips, so I suppose depending on your preference, that could be a good or bad thing. I could put up with the lack of pigmentation if the staying power were right, but it’s just not. I’ve worn these on my lips once and didn’t again because the lipstick had come off within half an hour of application.
The lipliner on the left is a gorgeous color that I don’t actually have in any other form of lip product. As with any lipliner, worn alone, its quite drying, but I do love the color payoff. Again, as with the other lip products, it didn’t last very long especially for a liner. The eyeliner on the right didn’t last on my water line or bottom lash line for more than an hour or two.

The eye shadows are all shimmers and my favorite colors are definitely the middle shade and the very last shade on the right. The middle shade is a golden bronze and the last shade is a pinky/champagne color. Love for all over the lid! They all apply quite well and are relatively smooth, apart from the first shade, black/grey, on the left which applies quite chalky and unevenly. That black/grey is definitely the worst product in the kit, but the other shadows are quite good; staying power is average, pigmentation is pretty good, and they’re nice and buttery to apply.

The last product is the bronzer that came in the brush. It’s one of those products where the product comes out of the brush and applies onto the skin directly. I’m still not sure how I feel about these kinds of products, but the actual bronzer inside is quite nice. Obviously, its a shimmer, so I haven’t used it to contour, but I have used it on my cheekbone area and it does give a very pretty glow. The above swatch is very heavy, so this can be applied as lightly or as dramatically as you’d like. I personally prefer a matte bronzer and a separate highlight, but this is a beautiful product regardless. The only drawback I found was that it greatly highlights any dry patches you may have, so it’s best to be very moisturized before using this product.
Overall, I’m quite pleased with Makeover Essential Cosmetics! My favorite products are definitely the face products and I’ll most likely be looking into more of their blushes and powders depending on the price point on their website. If you’re interested, you can check them out at! Xx


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