Summer Bucket List | 2014 Blogger Challenge

I know, I know, I’m several days late on this post, but here it is anyway. 😛 I thought this was an interesting topic because its not something I’ve really thought about because I’m very much the type of person that will just spend the day doing literally nothing if I’ve got nothing that NEEDS to be done. So having to sit down and really think about what I want to do with my time this summer was really quite cool. 🙂

1. Work at my new job as much as possible!
2. Save up a good amount of money
3. Go to a concert
4. Go to Six Flags
5. Read at least 5 books
6. Take the time to address my anxiety and other issues I’ve been having lately
7. Get my creative juices flowing whether that be through writing or youtube or what have you
8. Spend quality time with friends I don’t see often!
9. Take a train ride somewhere and explore 🙂
10. Smile and be mindful

There’s loads more I’d love to do, but I figured I’d limit it to 10. The last one is one that is very important to me because as of lately, I’ve been so stressed out and anxious about a few different things going on and I just would really like to try and be positive and more mindful. Hope you’re all well and sorry again for the delay on this one! Xx


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