Late Night Chat

Hello, hello, hello! Here I am on our second Sunday night post (which is technically Monday morning since it is currently 1 am, but let’s just ignore that detail :P) and honestly, I’m at a loss for words. I haven’t done much at all since I last spoke to all of you; I mainly just stayed home. Ooo! I did go to me friend, Kyle’s, rap show this past Wednesday! Kyle is my friend who was on leave from the army last year that some of you may remember me mentioning, but he was back again and back at his rap game so I went to see him. He was awesome and even better than last time, I must say! If you’d like to check out his music, check him out on his Soundcloud page! It was a fun little night, Dalton was there and a few people from back in my high school days and I also made some new friends that night! Now, whether or not said friends are going to be good influences on me is yet to be decided, but the point is I made new friends! Lol I’ve become such a homebody/anti-social hermit ever since I got clean last year that being in a big crowd around people that I don’t know at all really gets my anxiety going. The night went well, though, all things considered. Also, Dalton came and hung out for a few days which was really nice. A little thing happened involving him that upset me the night of Kyle’s show, so it was good to see him and remind myself why I love him so much…only joking, I always love him no matter what happens! We did have a lot of fun together, I must say, and we actually FINALLY filmed a proper video together and it will be going up on my channel this Wednesday! Please, please go check out my channel, I think this week’s vid will make you smile! 🙂

Like I said, I mainly stayed home and this is because I only worked ONE DAY last week. ONE DAY! I need more hours than that! 😦 Ugh, so frustrating. I’m actually going to be applying for a second job tomorrow and doing many other things. A lot of life changes ahead this year. Some things will take longer than others, but I’m pretty dang positive that by this time next year, my life will have gone through some big changes. I will be happy to share those changes with all of you as they come and I hope you all have a beautiful week!

Here’s a random selfie from when I went to see me friend last weekend! XD


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