New Friends

Hello beautiful people! So my Sunday posts have basically been extremely early Monday morning posts so far. 😛 Basically I’m changing this to Sunday/Monday posts from now on, hopefully there’s a few night owls out there who will see this. Lol Recently I’ve been getting to know two new friends, Ashton and Aleya, and it’s been really awesome making new friends and making connections with people again! It’s been so long since I’ve met anyone new and started forming a relationship with them so it’s been so nice being with these two. It’s amazing getting to hear their stories of their lives and their struggles and how they’ve come out of it.

Honestly, meeting Ashton and hearing a bit of what he’s gone through has really brought out my old school “mama” side. I don’t know if I’ve ever shared this with all of you, but a few years ago my “role” in my group of friends was the mother figure who took care of everyone and made sure they were safe and well fed and loved and that’s how I ended up receiving the nickname “mama” for a few years. Everyone kind of started going their own way and started growing up a bit so my mama role was less needed and I started taking care of myself more. It’s good to take care of myself and all, but I kind of miss taking care of people. Not to say that Ashton needs taking care of, but he does need a good friend, I think, and it’s nice building that relationship with him and with Aleya as well!

Bit of a short random post tonight, but what’s new? I hope you’re all well! Xx


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