It’s been 84 years…

Hello lovely reader, I’ve not written properly on this blog in ages! This is something I seem to do quite often; I’ll come back, talk about how I’ve been gone for quite some time, say I’ll be writing again and then I disappear. Again. It’s quite a shame, really, because I genuinely enjoy writing this blog, no matter if it’s about beauty, life, anxiety, etc; I just love it. This is not the only place I’ve neglected writing, I no longer write in my journal anymore either. Shock horror! 😨

I’ll be honest, as I always am (if not, a bit too honest at times), my anxiety has been so terrible, the past few months, in particular that I spend all my free hours outside of work and school watching YouTube videos. I haven’t been able to tear myself away from a screen for fear of any terrible thoughts or feelings that might come. Because of this, I haven’t really written anything anywhere, I haven’t read or listened to any books, I barely go out, it’s all bad. It’s also the complete opposite of the list of things I wrote at the beginning of the year that I wanted to do.

However, it’s only the beginning, but the past few days have been pretty damn good! I’ll tell you why. 🙂 I went to see the band, The Maine this past Friday and the lead singer (John O’Callaghan) said something that has stuck with me and I think always will. He said something along the lines of “Get off the internet, off YouTube, off your phones and go outside. Human interaction is awesome! And enjoy the sun and being outside; look we’re all outside right now having a good time.” It’s been a few days so I did have to piece that together how I remember it in my head, so its definitely not 100% accurate. LOL For months, Dalton (my best friend, if you remember) and my mom have said things very similar to that, but John’s words were the final push I needed to get out of my rut.

I’m not entirely out of my rut, but I feel like I’m slowly, but surely getting out. I feel hope again. I still haven’t spent much time outside, but I’ve been pushing myself to exude more positivity and strength. I’m also trying to do more things besides watching YouTube vides; things like actually doing my homework, chanting (part of my new Buddhist practice), and spending more time with my mom. I owe a lot to The Maine. I’ve been a fan of theirs since I was 15 and they’re a huge part of my life and sanity. They are an incredible band and if you’re into groovy, rock, indie type music with truly inspiring lyrics, you should really check them out!

24 Floors – The Maine
Photo courtesy of wehearit

I do hope that I’ll stay writing on this blog more frequently from here on out, as it could be an incredible outlet for me and I do just love the blogging community. 🙂 I think that’s all for now so I will talk to you all again very soon! xx


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