Entertainment Tuesday #1

Hello Internet, as you can see from the title of this post, I’m starting a series on my blog called Entertainment Tuesdays where I’ll be talking everything from books to music to what TV show I’m currently binge watching on Netflix. From here on out, expect your blog feed to have an ET post every Tuesday night! This is the first series I’ve ever done on my blog so it will most likely go through changes along the way until I feel it’s absolutely right so please do stay along for the ride. 

The most recent entertainment tidbit to tickle my fancy is Pillow Talk by ZAYN aka Zayn Malik, former One Direction member. I was quite apprehensive upon first listening to the song seeing as I am quite the 1D supporter and there seems to have been some ill will between he and a few of the other boys shortly after the split from the band, BUT I got over it quickly. I’m still a bit upset with Mr. Malik (jokes here folks, I don’t actually know the man), but I cannot deny that I am absolutely obsessed with this song! It’s an R&B style sexy, love song, as I expected it would be, sounding very similar to the likes of R&B artist Miguel. The music is drum beat driven with Zayn hitting his infamous high notes every five seconds in the chorus, which at first I found a bit much, but now I find myself belting out the lyrics along with him. I particularly enjoy the lyrics I love to hold you close/Tonight and always/I love to wake up next to you and It’s our paradise and it’s our war zone. I’m not going to get into the depth of the meaning of the song, although one would suspect its about making love, but that’s besides the point. This is a damn catchy song and his vocals are impeccable as usual. Bravo Zayn. 
Photo courtesy of weheartit.com
I mentioned Miguel above and ironically he’s the artist of the next song that has been on repeat on my Spotify. I came across the remix of his song Simple Things featuring Chris Brown and Future and once again, Miguel has stolen my heart with his lyrics and beautiful voice. I’ve been a fan of Miguel’s since his last album which featured hits such as Adorn and Do You? and I still haven’t listened to his latest album, but if this song is any representation of that, I’m sure I’ll love it. Chris and Miguel’s voices blend together as smooth as butter, literally. I didn’t think Miguel’s songs could get any better, but put Chris Brown on ’em and you’ve got a monster collaboration. I could do without Future’s verse on the song, but I’ll look past it. This song is so beautiful, being about wanting the simple things with a lover; I just want someone to smoke with me babe/Lay with me baby/Laugh with me baby/I just want the simple things. It’s what my sister would call “baby making music”. 😋 Between Pillow Talk and Simple Things, I’m really wishing I had a significant other! Ha! In all seriousness, two very good songs, in my opinion. 
Photo courtesy of weheartit.com
I was planning on talking about what shows I’ve been binging on lately, but I’d rather not overwhelm you and plus, I’m sure I’ll still be watching them next Tuesday! I do hope you’ve enjoyed this little segment and I also hope you’re looking forward to more Entertainment Tuesdays to come. All the best!
What has been entertaining you these days? xx


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