Entertainment Tuesday #2

For today’s ET, I’ve got three online forms of entertainment for you. From FBI agents to makeup and lifestyle gurus, there’s something bound to please you in here!

1. ViviannaDoesMakeup – Anna Gardner of ViviannaDoesMakeup (the name of her YouTube channel and blog) has stolen my heart! I’ve been subscribed to her channel for almost two years, after finding her best friend, Lily Pebbles (another fav blogger and vlogger). Originally, I was constantly watching the duo’s Beauty Chat videos and then I started to watch the two independently of each other. I love, love, love Lily, but lately Anna’s channel has been running non stop on my phone! She has such a chilled out, yet bubbly vibe to her and beauty recommendations are always being added to my “Must Treat Myself To” list. What has really attracted me to her channel recently, though, is her lifestyle videos! She has posted fitness hauls, food how to’s and tips, but most watched by myself is her weekday morning routine video! I’ve watched that video at least once a day (a bit creepy? Perhaps) and I’ve been running my morning routine similarly to hers ever since it was posted. I start with faffing around on my phone, then mapping out my day, and then breakfast and I just find that I feel more organized this way. A major plus is that this routine forces me to eat breakfast which is something I never used to do! Cheers Anna, for your amazing beauty and lifestyle tips and tricks!

2. Criminal Minds – This show is not always for the faint of heart. It centers around an FBI team called the Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, Virginia. This team travels all around the US finding and stopping serial killers based on their pychopathology. I’ve been watching Criminal Minds for so, so many years and it’s a favorite of not only myself, but my mom as well, so it’s quite a nice bonding experience for us to binge watch it together. We went so far as to by seasons 1-8 before it found its way to Netflix. The thing I love about the show is its focus on the psychology of killers; why they are the way they are. The suspense factor has somewhat gone for me as I mostly watch re-runs, but during the new episodes that I’ve not seen yet, I still sit on the edge of my seat…or at least laying down on the couch with one jittery leg. Each member of the team over the years has brought something special to the show and the dynamic of the team is so important in the way that they work as a family, just as much as a team unit. I’ll be honest, the current season’s team isn’t my favorite line up, but it’s still a great show to watch and most of the amazing original characters (including the handsome and brilliant Dr. Spencer Reid) are still on there. They’re currently in season 11 on CBS.

3.Rhett and Link’s Good Mythical Morning – GMM is a morning show on YouTube run by two best friends, Rhett and Link. Their videos are quite different than most of what I watch on YouTube and I enjoy that GMM is sort of my version of the morning news when I wake up. They do everything from guessing bizarre mating rituals to eating disgusting things blindfolded and I just find it extremely entertaining. They have a comedic timing very different from that of some of the most popular YouTubers today and that’s honestly one of the best things about their show!
              a. I’d also like to sneak in a cheeky extra, Rhett and Links podcast Ear Biscuits! It’s such a            great podcast where they interview different entertainers and ask the serious questions, yet still maintain a relaxed, comedic vibe. It’s great to listen to any time you’re on the go!


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