Entertainment Tuesday #4

American Candy

American Candy is The Maine’s fifth studio album and I can honestly say, it’s my favorite album they’ve ever released! I’ve been a huge fan of The Maine for about eight years now; I used to go to every Southern California show they would play and I even street teamed for their record label at the time, Fearless Records. Street teaming gave me a lot of cool opportunities to hang out with the band even more than I already was; a lot of backstage access, all very exciting! As I got older and busier, though, I stopped seeing them play, but I never stopped listening to them. All of their albums are incredible, but American Candy has become a part of me.

American Candy is your classic alternative/pop-punk/indie record with some of my favorite tracks being Am I Pretty?, (Un)lost, and American Candy. In all honesty, the whole album is so well written and the music behind the lyrics is so perfect for just driving around with friends on a beautiful day. There’s a song called 24 Floors, a song John O’Callaghan (lead vocals) wrote about his deep depression that he went through when he was in his early twenties. It’s such a darkly honest song about feeling like things will never get better, but the band pushes the message that things do get better and just to hold on to that a little bit longer.

The actual track, American Candy, is one of my absolute favorites because I relate to it so much! The candy they sing of could be anything from media, material things, to drugs and the chorus “They’ve got American candy/For the American kids/And even if you wanted to you couldn’t stop/It’s just so sweet/ But this American candy/It’ll rot your teeth” and lines like “Try to think back to/Back to a time when/You loved what you loved/Because you loved it are so incredibly powerful. Give the song a listen and tell me what you think because it can be interpreted in so many ways, but either way you interpret it, there’s a real depth and truth to the words.

I almost forgot how incredible the album is until I was driving around town with Dalton yesterday and we were just cruisin’ along, windows down, breeze in the air, belting out the words to each song. The Maine as a whole have saved my life and got me through more difficult times than they will every understand and that is why they and American Candy are this week’s Entertainment Tuesday. 🙂 I’ll leave you with the first single they released off the album, English Girls. Enjoy! xx


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