The Highlights #3

Besides both my parents and I being sick, I’ve had a wonderful week! I spent a lot of time with Dalton as per usual and as I took care of him when he was sick last week, he sort of did this same for me this week. LOL Before we all got sick, I drove around town quite a bit running errands, so I actually put makeup on which is a rarity these days. Something I’ve realized is, I feel so, so much more confident with makeup on. I’m not trying to hide anything (if you watch my vlogs, you’ll know I’m very comfortable makeup free), but having makeup on just gives a boost of self confidence; it adds a bit of a pep in my step.

FYI the septum is fake 😜

One benefit of being sick with my parents is that I spent a lot of time with my mom; we caught up on the current season of Criminal Minds because we were mega behind and still sort of are, but we’re getting there. I really do enjoy spending time with my mom; we’ve both been showing an insane amount of gratitude towards each other this week. She sincerely thanked me many, many times for taking care of the house since she’s been a bit out of commission the past several months so to speak. I’ve been trying to show appreciation in every way possible to all of my loved ones, especially my mom. I mentioned last week that, through my buddhist practice, I want to become a more appreciative, compassionate person and I feel I’m making progress. I’ve been chanting every day which is a huge step for me. 
As far as my recovery from my eating disorders and trying to get healthy, I’m making small steps. I got a sponsor in my program that I’m part of and she’s meant to help me with meal planning and staying abstinent from foods that I binge on and from purging. I have hope that I can do this and become a healthy person. 

It’s been a good week, not too eventful, but good and that’s all I can ask for. I’m grateful for what and  who I have today in my life and I am determined to further enrich my life. I hope you’re all doing well! Ta for now!


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