Entertainment Tuesday #5

Today I bring a to you a repeat offender; Ear Biscuits! I’ve been absolutely loving podcasts this week, but Ear Biscuits, Rhett and Link’s podcast, in particular is what has been helping me get up in the morning! In the morning, I’ll typically watch YouTube while I drink coffee before I walk my dog, but sometimes I don’t always want to watch videos, but I still want to hear some kind of a dialogue to get my brain up and running. That’s where podcasts come in! And the great thing about podcasts is you can take them on the go so I typically will continue listening to the podcast while I walk my dog as well.

I’ve been enjoying Ear Biscuits the most because, first of all, Rhett and Link have wonderful podcast voices, if I’m honest. LOL In all seriousness, I think the quality of the audio really does play a role in how much I enjoy a podcast or not; I like that the guests they have are always in the studio so the dialogue is super clear and crisp. It just makes for a much more enjoyable listen. I like that Rhett and Link interview their guests about their back stories and we get to hear more in depth detail about where the guest came from, whether that be a YouTuber or an on-screen actor, Rhett and Link get down to the nitty gritty. In certain episodes, you’ll even hear the guests compare the podcast to a therapy session.

Ear Biscuits has been around for quite some time now so what’s great is that to a new listener, there’s a plethora of amazing episodes to hear! I’ve started from episode one where they interviewed Grace Helbig, one of my all time favorite content creators,  and today I listened to their interview with Philip DeFranco who I’ve never watched on YouTube before, but I was still able to enjoy the interview, maybe even more than if I had watched him before. It’s just so amazing to hear someone’s life story and how they got to where they are now. Phil, for example, went through a truly turbulent life growing up, which you’d never guess from the sense of humor that he conveys; he has a truly incredible life story. If you’ve got some time on your hands, check out some podcasts on Spotify, Soundcloud, or iTunes, particularly Ear Biscuits!

I hope you enjoyed tonight’s Entertainment Tuesday! Ta for now! xx


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