Hello lovely people! I do apologize that this post is a day late! Normally on Thursdays, I would write about something beauty related, but I’d like to start incorporating fashion posts into my Thursday slot as well! Fashion for me can be complicated because although I enjoy the pieces I currently wear, there is a particular style that I enjoy lusting after for when I’m slightly more in shape, so to speak. My current style icons are Kendall Jenner, Florencia from the blog Flo Loves Clothes, and my girl who I’ve looked up to fashion wise for years and years, the beautiful Eleanor Calder. I thought today I would put together a set of outfits I know I can currently wear (assuming everything would be available in my size LOL) and next week I’ll show you outfits I’ll be wearing when I’m bit slimmer! 😉 Ta for now!

Untitled #82


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