Entertainment Tuesday #7

I have two songs for you ET today. The first song is Holding Out For a Hero by Ella Mae Bowen and I first heard it when the remake of Footloose came out a few years ago. I remember I would play it constantly when I would go for walks or bike rides in the middle of the night, thinking of the one I loved at the time. It’s such a beautiful song, both lyrically and melodically. I remembered it a few days ago and I haven’t stopped playing it since. I love this song so much and honestly, it brings back so many memories, it can bring me close to tears and I love songs like that. I love songs that can evoke so much emotion in a person. Check it out believe and feel the feels. ❤

The second song I have for you is the newest song, Falling Apart by a wonderful YouTube musician, Trisha Writes Music. Her lyrics are so honest and I think it is extremely brave to put your heart and soul into a song and then put it out there to help people. She is an amazing girl, I have spoken to her several times and I know that she means every word in her songs. Falling Apart made me cry because it’s so real and it’s a song of hope, a reminder that things do get better. I love Trisha and her music and I can’t wait to see how she continues to grow as a person and musician. ❤


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