Back to Bla-err Blogging

Did you catch my Amy Winehouse reference there? (Rest her gorgeous soul.) I have officially re-entered the blogging world and this probably doesn’t mean anything to any of you, as my last blog had all of about 20 people following it! I feel where I went wrong with my last blog is I was trying to emulate the bloggers I loved and although that’s fine and dandy to an extent, I lost my voice as a writer completely. I don’t know what this blog will be, but I know that this time it will be 100% me: Reynna. My name’s Reynna by the way!

You may be asking yourself why I decided to go with “American Candy” for my blog name? The simple answer is that it’s my favorite song and the title track off of a band called The Maine’s fifth studio album that came out in 2015. (Side note: they’re in the studio recording a new album as we speak and the suspense has me checking they’re various social media every 10 minutes!) You really should give them a listen some time, particularly that song. I’ve been told it’s quite sad, but those words were spoken by a boy who was, well, quite sad himself so I wouldn’t take his word for it.

Aside from the ramblings of the nearly 24 year old young lady that I am, you’ll also be seeing the odd photo here and there and more frequently, my videos. Surprise! I’m a YouTuber! I feel so strange writing that since I’m no Zoella or Grace Helbig, but I make videos on YouTube regularly…therefore, I am indeed a YouTuber. I’ve had my channel for about three years and I love it! I’ve gained relationships of sorts with some of the kindest people who are so incredibly loving and supportive; I couldn’t be more grateful for them. I’m a weekly vlogger, meaning I film “follow me around” vlogs a couple days of the week and edit them together to make one big weekly vlog to be posted at the end of the week! I’ve been taking a bit of a hiatus from that, however, and started uploading beauty and fashion related things, but subscribe and/or stay tuned for surprises to come December time! Just click here!

So, wow, my first blog post back is officially completed! I’m actually very excited to have a place to write again. I’ve missed writing more than I realized. Be well anyone reading this. All the best. xx

EDIT: Since initially uploading this post, I’ve imported my old blog! So feel free to browse some of my older work! (I’m already starting to blush!) xx


26 thoughts on “Back to Bla-err Blogging

  1. Welcome back i’m on my third blog… I tried a Paleo blog and a home improvement blog but it was just too much work and not the right niche for me i’m on my third blog and its finally picking up some traction. Its a lot of work almost like a full time job! But its so exciting to see my traffic jumping not too much but enough to get me excited and motivate to continue. Keep up the blogging don’t get discouraged. 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad your blog is doing well! I think I’m still trying to find my niche. 😋 It really is like a full time job! Plus I’m student. I am enjoying it though and thank you so much for the enciuragement, you’re very kind!


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