Pep Up Your Holidays with Tinselbox!

With Christmas fast approaching, you might be feeling the pressure to find cute bits and pieces to decorate, wrap, etc. Well Tinselbox takes some of the guess work out of the equation! Tinselbox is a subscription box service that surprises you with pretty bits and bobs to make your holiday or party just that little bit more special. Tinselbox was created by the beautiful Maria Struve who was kinda enough to send me a holiday box! DSCN5539.JPGDSCN5542.JPGDSCN5547.JPGI’m a packaging lover and I was very pleased when my Tinselbox arrived; I was even more pleased when I saw what was inside! I appreciated the mix of items from decorations to gifting pieces. DSCN5552.JPGThe first thing I pulled out was the adorable card; who doesn’t love a unicorn? What’s great about Tinselbox is that it comes with a little info card telling you where the items came from. So if you particularly love an item, you’ll know exactly were to get more! This card is actually directly designed by Tinselbox!DSCN5554.JPGDSCN5556.JPGI love, love, love this little ring! It’s from a shop on Etsy called Lovely Fluer. The delicate red rose adds a bit of romance to you holiday outfit and the gold band has intricate detailing that makes it more than your average ring. The best part to me is that it’s adjustable so anyone can wear it!DSCN5558.JPGThe next thing that caught my eye (I mean, how could it not??) was this snowflake cookie cutter. Now, it can be used to cut whatever you want into a snowflake, but I’m going to call it a cookie cutter! Again, this cute little guy is from Tinselbox. DSCN5560.JPGI’m so obsessed with this wrapping paper and gift tag combo! The peacock and festive baubles and things are so darn cute! I can’t wait to wrap presents in this and put little notes on the gift tags for all my nearest and dearest! These items are from Prism of Starlings. DSCN5562.JPGLast but not least are these two amazing bits and I’ve got to say they’re probably my favorite things in the box! There’s a fabulous glittery Merry Christmas garland which I’m thrilled to put up for my Christmas party this weekend and a vintage style gold key that says “Key to Christmas”. The key is actually a bottle opener, but it’s just too pretty for me so I’ll most likely be using it as an ornament on my tree this year! I’ve always wanted to a key like this for some random reason so I’m so happy to finally have a quality key and I’ll treasure it forever. The garland is from Meri Meri Retails and the key is from Blush Market.

I love subscription box services and this is one is proper quality! I think it’s so nice to get little bits for your holiday or party needs. Maria not only does Christmas, but other different holiday themes as well. It’s also nice that you can either pay for the subscription which will come every 60 days or you can pay for a one time box; I do love having options! So if this sort of box full of goodies is up your alley, visit!

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