Pep Up Your Holidays with Tinselbox!

With Christmas fast approaching, you might be feeling the pressure to find cute bits and pieces to decorate, wrap, etc. Well Tinselbox takes some of the guess work out of the equation! Tinselbox is a subscription box service that surprises you with pretty bits and bobs to make your holiday or party just that little bit more … Continue reading Pep Up Your Holidays with Tinselbox!


2016 Holiday Makeup Gift Guide

Christmas is nearly upon us! If you've not yet done you're Christmas shopping for the beauty lover in your life, these suggestions should help narrow down the possibilities! I will admit, all of these are a bit luxury (in my humble opinion, anyway). However, stay tuned for another gift guide or two, one of which will … Continue reading 2016 Holiday Makeup Gift Guide

NEW VIDEO: My First Time Tag

I remember when this tag first came around many, many years ago, but I thought I'd bring it back! It's just a fun little video, I got to let loose a little bit and reminisce aka always a good time! I believe A Sprinkle of Glitter (Louise Pentland) started this tag and I loved hers! … Continue reading NEW VIDEO: My First Time Tag

Back to Bla-err Blogging

Did you catch my Amy Winehouse reference there? (Rest her gorgeous soul.) I have officially re-entered the blogging world and this probably doesn't mean anything to any of you, as my last blog had all of about 20 people following it! I feel where I went wrong with my last blog is I was trying … Continue reading Back to Bla-err Blogging

Hocus Pocus | Fashion

Hello, hello, hello! I'm back! I don't know how often I'll be posting on here, I'm not going to hold myself to schedule. Haha However, I do miss blogging; I'll be doing some fashion stuff with friends, like my beautiful friend, Aleya, featured in this post, beauty, lifestyle, etc. This blog is my oyster! I … Continue reading Hocus Pocus | Fashion

On The Bandwagon|Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling Post Shave Balm|Primer

There's been a ton of buzz in the YouTube beauty community about the Nivea Men Post Shave balm being used as a primer. I first heard about this from Kathleen Lights and Jaclyn Hill and Jaclyn says the reason it works so well as a primer is because of the high amount of glycerin in … Continue reading On The Bandwagon|Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling Post Shave Balm|Primer