Pep Up Your Holidays with Tinselbox!

With Christmas fast approaching, you might be feeling the pressure to find cute bits and pieces to decorate, wrap, etc. Well Tinselbox takes some of the guess work out of the equation! Tinselbox is a subscription box service that surprises you with pretty bits and bobs to make your holiday or party just that little bit more … Continue reading Pep Up Your Holidays with Tinselbox!


2016 Holiday Makeup Gift Guide

Christmas is nearly upon us! If you've not yet done you're Christmas shopping for the beauty lover in your life, these suggestions should help narrow down the possibilities! I will admit, all of these are a bit luxury (in my humble opinion, anyway). However, stay tuned for another gift guide or two, one of which will … Continue reading 2016 Holiday Makeup Gift Guide

Merry Christmas! (Almost)

Heather and I filmed a festive video last month in preparation for Christmas and here's the result! It's quite a funny little question video that we got from Zoe and Joe Sugg (surprise, surprise lol). If you're not in the festive spirit yet, watch this to give you a little boost! Hope you're all having … Continue reading Merry Christmas! (Almost)