NEW VIDEO: My First Time Tag

I remember when this tag first came around many, many years ago, but I thought I'd bring it back! It's just a fun little video, I got to let loose a little bit and reminisce aka always a good time! I believe A Sprinkle of Glitter (Louise Pentland) started this tag and I loved hers! … Continue reading NEW VIDEO: My First Time Tag


I met Joey Graceffa!

Here is the vlog from the day! Such a lovely, lovely guy! He's seriously so friendly and sweet! ❤ Storytellers was amazing and the first two episodes are now on Joey's YouTube channel! Trust me, it's a really good little series. 🙂 

My British Top 10!

I've posted another video! I talk about all the things I love about all things British so if you have as strong of a love for England as me, I think you might enjoy it! Some of the topics I discuss are Busted, McFly, YouTubers and a few more! Please do check it out, it … Continue reading My British Top 10!