Just In: JustFab Silas Bag

I don't buy bags very often, but I had a credit on the website Shoedazzle and spotted the Silas bag and clicked add to cart immediately! It's such a beautiful bag. I honestly have nothing like it. My bag collection mainly consists of unstructured, younger looking bags and this is just so classic. I've been … Continue reading Just In: JustFab Silas Bag


Entertainment Tuesday #7

I have two songs for you ET today. The first song is Holding Out For a Hero by Ella Mae Bowen and I first heard it when the remake of Footloose came out a few years ago. I remember I would play it constantly when I would go for walks or bike rides in the … Continue reading Entertainment Tuesday #7

The Highlights #6

I do apologize I have yet another post a day late! Please be gentle, I'm still getting used to have a blogging schedule. LOL Last week, was a hard week, but a blessed week. I found myself struggling with both my addiction program and my eating disorder program, but both of the women who mentor … Continue reading The Highlights #6

Fashion: Lust

Fashion has been an interest of mine for years, it can be such a great way to express aspects of you personality. Last week, I posted outfits that I could and would currently wear. The outfits below are the outfits I, now day, wish to be able to wear confidently. Don't get me wrong, I'm … Continue reading Fashion: Lust

Entertainment Tuesday #6

There is one YouTuber I have been watching non-stop this past week and maybe even the week before and it is none other than the beautiful Kathleen Lights. I'm sure most of you know who she is, but for those of you that don't, she is this gorgeous, bubbly, little Latina beauty guru. She does … Continue reading Entertainment Tuesday #6


Hello lovely people! I do apologize that this post is a day late! Normally on Thursdays, I would write about something beauty related, but I'd like to start incorporating fashion posts into my Thursday slot as well! Fashion for me can be complicated because although I enjoy the pieces I currently wear, there is a … Continue reading FASHION